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A confident and radiant smile can create a great first impression. A perfectly aligned, bright smile can take years off your face. Research says that people respond positively to those who look attractive and well-groomed, whether in their professional or personal life.

If you suffer from dental problems that destroy the beauty of your smile, do not worry. Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist will help you get that attractive smile that you have always wanted.

Just a few years ago, a visit to the dentist was prompted almost always by a toothache, gum diseases or cavities. But nowadays, more and more people are dropping in at their dentist to enhance the aesthetic appearance of their teeth.

Why Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist?

It takes technical skill and aesthetic sense of the dentist to produce excellent results in cosmetic dentistry. Our Dentist is a highly reputed dentist with more than 25 years of experience. In his expert hands, your teeth and smile are safe.

Our Dentist ensure that his staff are up to date with the latest developments in the field of dentistry. The caring and compassionate staff will also go out of their way to put you at ease. A visit to the Santa Monica cosmetic dentist is a pain-free and stress-free experience.

Santa Monica specialists believe that dental care is beyond merely ensuring healthy and functional mouth and teeth. Dentistry also involves enhancement of smiles and thereby making facial features more symmetric and attractive.

Santa Monica cosmetic dentist offer personalized care according to your specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. Whatever be your unique problem, you will be given a unique treatment plan customized to your specific needs, desired results, time frame and budget.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures at the Santa Monica Dentist

Santa Monica cosmetic dentist can correct anything from a chipped tooth to gummy or gap toothed smiles, and even missing teeth.

Teeth Whitening:

If your teeth have accumulated stains and discolorations due to consumption of food and beverages or due to smoking, you may choose from the many teeth whitening options available at Santa Monica dentist, including bleaching, zoom whitening, veneers etc.

Tooth Bonding:

For chipped and broken teeth, tooth bonding is the preferred dental procedure.

Missing Teeth:

If you are unable to carry on your day to day activities because of missing teeth, advanced dental options such dental implants can provide a permanent and reliable solution. Dental implants look and feel no different from natural teeth and they also require just a regular after-care routine.

Enamel Shaping:

To refine the shape of your teeth to your specifications.


A perfectly aligned set of pearly whites can be yours through easy and effective cosmetic dental enhancement procedures such as veneering and lumineering. Here, thin porcelain shells are placed on the surface of the teeth.

Gum Lift:

To correct a gummy smile.

Invisible Braces:

If you need orthodontic braces, but are not too fond of the old metal brackets on the teeth, Invisalign invisible braces offer the perfect solution.

In addition to the above, there are also customized dental restoration procedures that may help in enhancing and correcting other problems relating to your smile and facial structure.

Contact Santa Monica cosmetic dentist to know more about the procedures and to figure out the ideal treatment for your dental problem.



In a world where first impressions can be vital to personal as well as professional success, a radiant, confident, youthful smile is no longer about vanity…it's about common sense. Santa Monica Dentist, a leading expert in dental anti-aging techniques, has been creating some of the most fabulous, healthy smiles for men and women around the world for over seventeen years.


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Many thanks for helping me smile once again. Everyone has been very kind in my hour of need. You have amazing skills. You have given me so much service. Now this smile is very precious to me that i could ask for nothing more. - Emily M. -Encino

I am a former patient. I agree with the comments that i read about your service and care. It is the best service one can ever recieve. There is no reason to find someone else. Santa Monica Dentist is the best that you can see. I am forever grateful for this smile. - Robert J. -Westhills

I have seen dentists here and abroad. It was so painful. Santa Monica Dentist promised that i wont feel a thing, and he's right not even a pinch. I am very thankful for that and now im not afraid of dentists anymore. -Lanie F. -San Fransisco

I am wholeheartedly recommending Santa Monica Dentist to all. They chose the right profession, that is excellent. Keep it up. -Ryan L. - Malibu

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